Run DiskWarrior Once A Month


DiskWarrior has been the best tool to keep your Hard Drive away from trouble

Not only DiskWarrior keeps file directory catalog healthy, it also checks if you have bad sectors. Just running it once a month, your chance of loosing data drastically reduces.

The USB version of DiskWarrior contains OS X Utility. By booting off this USB, it is easier to Repair Permission, and you don't need to run maintenance from the Recovery Volume (Recovery Disk).

Hold Option key and press Power button. At the volume select screen, click (↑) under DiskWarrior volume

When OS X Utility window opens, double click on DiskWarrior.

You probably will be greeted with the End User License Agreement every time you do this. Just click on [Agree]

Select the boot volume and click [Rebuild]

You can run this on all drives one by one, except where it says DiskWarrior themselves

Note 1: Depending on the size of your hard drive, it may take something like 20 minutes. Unfortunately you need to be near since there will be a few prompt you need to attend

Note 2: When you see red text in the report, finish the process and run the same thing again. If you see the red text again, there is a chance your hard drive is damaged

Note 3: One of the prompt ask you to Save the Catalog File. This is not necessary since there won't be much usage for saved catalog file